Completed Projects

Our completed projects are projects that are fully-funded and have been concluded or delivered.
Here are some of the projects we have helped reach completion.

Relocation of I Can

$115,000.00 Collected


Capacity Growth Program

$200,975.00 Collected


Upgrading of Pre-School

$181,600.00 Collected


R.O.C. Project

$264,500.00 Collected


Motilakaz Project #1

$61,471.00 Collected


Covid-19 Response 2021

$456,002.85 Collected


Sun Kids School Meals

$120,000.00 Collected


Halfway House Project

$212,940.00 Collected


Covid-19 Response 2020

$924,500.00 Collected


Schooling for Mario*

$80,525.00 Collected


Sun Kids Refurbishment

$309,115.00 Collected


Other Completed Projects

Here are some of the other projects we have completed.

Home Renovation

NPO Name: Pont du Tamarinier

Funds Raised: Rs17,255

Five young people, whose home was in a dire state of disrepair, worked together with our board member, Audrey, to restore this space into a beautiful home for them all.

Building Supplies

NGO Name: Hope House

Funds Raised: Rs 6,240

Thomas* has been able to replace the iron sheeting on his roof and Marie* received concrete blocs to complete her home.

Salary Support

NGO Name: Amour et Espoir

Funds Raised: Rs 32,000

Salaries for yoga, music and art teachers in the village of Coteau Raffin were covered for a month.

120 Blankets

NGO Name: Caritas Souillac

Funds Raised: Rs 16,560

During the winter of 2020 many people lost their homes in Riambel. 120 blankets were donated to help them keep warm.

Children's Food

NGO Name: Amour et Espoir

Funds Raised: Rs 36,000

Thanks to our funders, one month’s food bill was covered to feed the 60 children of Association Amour et Espoir.

Rainwater Harvesting


Funds Raised: Rs41,373

Rainwater harvesting was installed on the roofs of 5 families’ homes without household running water. They are now able to wash their clothes and dishes more easily.

Mattresses and Pillows

NGO Name: Hope House / A&E

Funds Raised: Rs 14,872

12 mattresses and pillows were provided to families who had lost theirs in the recent floods.

Covid-19 Foodpacks


Funds Raised: Rs 44,000

22 families in Cite la Cure, Port Louis, received food packs during the Covid-19 confinement in 2020.

Mattresses for Families

NGO Name: Hope House

Funds Raised: Rs 8,000

Mattresses were bought for families who lost their homes in the fire that raged through Cite Longere in Baie du Tombeau.

Building Materials

NGO Name: Amour et Espoir

Funds Raised: Rs 2,500

Building materials donated by The Good Shop in Curepipe were transported to families in Coteau Raffin.

500 Face Masks

NGO Name: Village Council

Funds Raised: Rs 7,000

Ecovadis generously donated fabric face masks to 500 adults in Coteau Raffin so that when confinement was lifted they could travel freely by bus.

2000 Gloves

NGO Name: Caritas Ile Maurice

Funds Raised: Rs 5,750

500 people received disposable gloves to assist with the distribution of food packs by Caritas during confinement.

Vehicle Subsidy

NGO Name: Hope House

Funds Raised: Rs 50,000

Thanks to Toyota Mauritius, Hope House received funds towards their 2020 transport costs.

Transport of Mattresses

NGO Name: Amour et Espoir

Funds Raised: Rs 2,000

Transport was paid to ensure that mattresses donated in Black River were received by families in Coteau Raffin.

200 Face Masks

NGO Name: Amour et Espoir

Funds Raised: Rs 7,500

The children of Amour et Espoir received fun, fabric face masks so that they could go back to school thanks to Men & Women of Africa (MWA).


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