Our Beneficiaries

Here is more information about some of the beneficiaries that we currently partner with.
Please click on the various links in red for further information about projects where our funders have contributed more than Rs50,000.
For smaller projects, please see our project pages under Our Impact.

Association Pour Personnes En Larmes (APPEL) has been a registered NPO since 2006, and aims to create a pathway for vulnerable women and children, as well as homeless men. APPEL aims to assist them in finding a way back into society and improving their way of life through two programs:

  • ARCH is a residential and day care program for homeless men.
  • SAFE is an empowerment program established in 2013 for vulnerable women. Hairdressing classes were launched in 2018.

Community Impact:
Capacity Growth Program
Covid-19 Response 2021

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Association Amour et Espoir

Association Amour et Espoir is located in Coteau Raffin, just south of La Gaulette on the west coast – one of the three poorest regions in Mauritius. This NGO focusses on the wellbeing of the children in this region, providing them with meals, after school activities and psychosocial support. 

Community Impact:
Children’s Feeding Scheme
Covid-19 Response 2021
Social Welfare Support
Covid-19: Coteau Raffin 2020

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Beautiful LocalHands

Mauritius is home to many talented craft workers, many of which go unnoticed. In 2006, Fondation Espoir Développement Beachcomber (FED) launched the Beautiful LocalHands project to help these artisans by giving them the opportunity to develop their skills and sell their products to the tourist market. The project is a resounding success and generates income for vulnerable people, their communities, and helps preserve traditional crafts and cultural heritage. Many of the 55 artisans who work regularly with FED are women who use their income to improve the quality of life of their families, and give their children a better education.

Caritas Ile Maurice

Caritas Ile Maurice, present in 47 parishes around the island, has been supporting these communities for over 50 years, resulting in a sound understanding of the families and their needs. Caritas Ile Maurice works to rehabilitate the poor, the excluded and the oppressed through an action of love and proximity by welcoming and listening to them, visiting and accompanying them, so that they may rediscover their dignity and build together a fair and united community.

For more information, visit: www.caritasilemaurice.org

Community Impact:
Covid-19 Response 2020

Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF)

Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) is a registered, non-profit Christian organisation. They have been operating in Mauritius since the 19th of September 1989 and are also recognised as a Charitable Association. Their main social goal is to promote a healthy attitude among the children and young people of the country, as well as their families, by raising their awareness in entertaining a positive approach to life and providing them with academic, social and character-building classes and activities.  The children are mostly from deprived backgrounds and come from all over the island. CEF’s office is found in Port Louis and they are currently serving 25 areas in Mauritius which consist of around 300 children. CEF also supports vulnerable families they work with by assisting them in their times of need.

Community Impact:
Covid-19 Response 2021


Eco-Sud is a non-governmental organisation aspiring for a combative Mauritius, where the “nature’s rights” is a priority and where it’s good to live for everyone.

The primary mission of the NGO is to fervently protect the Mauritian territory biodiversity and environment, for the current and future generations.

To complete this mission, Eco-Sud is dedicated to:

  • Raising awareness and educating the public on ecological issues.
  • Assembling and rallying a strong and passionate local society. 
  • Defending and protecting the engendered species and sites on the Mauritian territory.
  • Promoting a balance between environmental, social and economic developments for a sustainable Mauritius

Community Impact:
R.O.C. Project

Etoile d'Espérance

Etoile d’Espérance, located in Curepipe, has been rehabilitating women addicted to alcoholic substances since April 1998 through a dynamic therapeutic structure, with specialised staff and partners. Women reside at the beautiful home and assist with daily chores and the running thereof. 

Please see statistics of their success below:

2017 2018 2019 2020
Women going through Residential Care 40 28 39 46
Women on The After Care Programme 15 22 32 38
Number of relapses (%) 12 (30%) 6 (21%) 11 (28%) 16 (34%)


Community Impact:
Halfway House Project

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Hope House

Hope House is an NGO with the purpose of social upliftment in Mauritius. Founded in early 2014, Hope House has developed various social projects to teach, guide and bring people with difficult circumstances together, encouraging them to create their own futures. They believe in helping people to help themselves. Only then they can make a sustainable difference in the system, both economically and socially. Therefore their programs are aimed to empower the disadvantaged towards lasting change.

Community Impact:
Covid-19 Response 2021

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I Can Special Needs School

I CAN Special Needs School is an NGO for children with disabilities, helping develop their creativity and basic skills. The school, which has been operating since March 2013, was founded by Mrs Vrinda Luchmaya, a special needs educator certified by the Mauritius Institute of Education and headmistress of the school. The school merges academics with creativity and gathers parents and families whose children suffer from disabilities, ensuring each child receives the education he/she needs.

Community Impact:
I Can School Move Part 1
Schooling for Mario*

Kolektif Rivier Nwar

Kolektif Rivier Nwar (KRN) is a registered non-governmental association whose mission is to unite local NGOs and other social actors to optimise their resources so as to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of Grande and Petite Rivière Noire. KRN has its area of intervention in Specialised and Holistic Education for all the children living in the region of Grande Rivière Noire. KRN also works for the community development of the region from La Preneuse to Case Noyale.

Community Impact:
Motilakaz Project #1
Aquaponics Project

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Mahebourg Espoir

This non-formal education center, a branch of Mahebourg Espoir, opened on January 17, 2011 in Mahebourg, in the south-east of Mauritius, allows us to help adolescents who have been excluded from primary education. A member of ANFEN (Adolescent Non-Formal Education Network), Mahebourg Espoir Education Center offers non-formal education to adolescents – girls and boys – in Mahebourg and the south-eastern region of Mauritius.

National Empowerment Foundation

The vision of the NEF, established by the government as a non-profit public company, is to eradicate extreme and chronic poverty and to strive towards the creation of an inclusive and more equitable society in Mauritius. The Foundation aims to support and empower the vulnerable groups with a view to mainstreaming them in society and improving their quality of life in a sustainable manner through the provision of an effective and efficient service delivery, imbued in equity, fairness and impartiality.

Community Impact:
Rainwater Harvesting

Not a Number

Not A Number, a ‘for-impact’ organisation, works towards the creation of safer communities by harnessing the innate potential of all people to better themselves and become positive influences on their world.  Our aim is to contribute towards a future where people are less burdened by crime, with fewer victims, and a genuine system of justice.  We shine a light on the faceless ‘numbers’ that overwhelm our justice system – the endless list of victims of crime as well as those perpetrators lost in the cycle of criminality.

Community Impact:
Prisoner Reintegration Project

Pont du Tamarinier

Pont du Tamarinier is an NGO involved in relocation and support projects of the families they partner with. In 2004, Le Village du Tamarinier was created by the relocation of the 42 families from Camp La Colle. To date, 88 families (350 people) benefit from the help and support of Pont du Tamarinier. To monitor and support the families, the association organizes monthly meetings in the village, and provides social and psychological support.

Community Impact:
Carre D’As Sanitary Project
Motilakaz Project #1
Covid-19 Response 2021
C5 Lakaz Building Project

The Good Shop

The Good Shop exists to support the community through our retail shops. Items no longer needed, used, or wanted are donated to The Good Shop and we turn them into opportunities. Items sold in our shops fund our missions to improve the lives of people in Mauritius.  Our activities improve the environment while funding employment and education initiatives and go toward benefiting education, employment, and environment. We have three outlets in Calebasses, Curepipe and Belle Rose.

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Ti Rayons Soleil

Ti Rayons Soleil, an NGO created in 2007 in Mauritius, helps children and vulnerable people living in pockets of poverty. The final goal of community development projects is the fight against poverty and exclusion through training, “Empowerment”, educational, nutritional, medical and para-medical support. The supervision of people in the programs makes it possible to create a social bond and thus, to counter exclusion.

Ti Rayons Soleil identifies within pockets of poverty, children who have unmet basic needs and are deprived of basic care. Then our teams intervene on the educational, nutritional, medical and psychological level.

Community Impact:
Upgrading of Pre-School
Covid-19 Response 2021
Sun Kids Refurbishment
Sun Kids School Meals

This NGO is registered with