Volunteer Experiences

Find out more about some of the amazing ways that our volunteers have helped out in the community.

Whether it’s working with children or painting a house, the volunteers’ benefit is not only from a job well done but also the satisfaction of helping someone. Taking the time to assist others is both greatly appreciated and personally rewarding. In fact, many of our volunteers return to help with additional projects within the community. We are extremely grateful to all our volunteers for the time they spend lending a hand or sharing their expertise and skills to help in Mauritius.

Motilakaz - July 2021

After many months of planning and preparation, lots of hard work and many wonderful volunteers, the Motilakaz project has been completed in Casa Noyale. The keys have been handed over to two very happy families. 

Thank you to all the volunteers that took the time to lend a hand and make a difference.

Ti Rayons Soleil - August 2021

For their CAS Project at Le Bocage International School, Hannah, Selma and Faye helped with the Sun Kids Education aftercare program at Ti Rayons Soleil. Going weekly meant they developed a relationship with the teachers and the children, making their time volunteering even more enjoyable.

The Good Shop - August 2021

The Good Shop was tasked with clearing out a 1000 square meter space in an old textile factory in Floreal in order to save the maximum number of reusable items from ending up in the landfill. Volunteers were kept busy moving furniture and factory items, cleaning out the factory and preparing the space for the new Good Shop workshop.

KRN Literacy Volunteer - September 2021

Ella has been spending time helping the children of Black River village with their English literacy skills. She has been teaching them how to read and write in English, as well as helping them with phonics. Ella enjoys helping others and really enjoyed teaching the children.

This experience has given Ella a chance to use her skills and knowledge to help the children gain a better understanding of the basics of the English language. The children attending the program benefit from these lessons and they will help prepare them for their future.

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